What was that thing you clicked on to get here? A nitromethane molecule!  I'm sure you notice a big change here, no chassis' for sale, and believe me, I hate that as much as anybody. But I had a good run at it, 22 years of self employment and the joy of seeing my customers win championships all over the world!   2010 was an unbelieveable year, the USA, Canada, and European Top Fuel championships were all won on Weekend Frame Co chassis'.

That being said, I give more credit to the men who tuned and rode these beasts, their commitment to the sport, and their never ending pursuit of running just a little faster and quicker next time. And the GLORY??? I give that to GOD. He gifted all of us with our unique abilities and talents, and for that I praise His name!

I will still be offering parts and services that I can continue to supply as I work a full time job. And as it has been for the past 24 years, my advice is always free. Email works best for me, but if it is urgent please don't hesitiate to call.


             John Storace

In Memory of James "Puppet" Di Tullio